Office coffee machines


Office coffee machines

Having trouble reading  the fine print in your coffee machine supply contract


Are your cupboards filling up with stale beans because you’ve signed a minimum order agreement ?


                   Putting the Humanity back into your office coffee addiction; because it should be  easy to drink  good coffee.

                  Call today and start drinking great tasting coffee the easy way 09 392 0090

smiling woman drinking coffee

                                             It tastes better when your smiling.


Check out our Krea Italian coffee vending machine .Finally an office espresso machine that produces  a quality coffee experience, time after time.


Developed from 20 years of experience and customer feedback, the Krea office coffee machine combines Italian design flair and love of coffee with high reliability. The Krea  is fast becoming the first choice for many offices  where high volumes of discerning staff insist on quality.


 For café coffee in your home and office  

  • Quality, fresh-roasted, award-winning beans                         
  • Reliable, well-maintained Italian & Swiss office  coffee machine technology          
  • Water filters installed on all coffee machines                                                                        
  • Premium milk and chocolate
  • Excellent service and support
  • Comprehensive selection of office coffee-dispensing machine solutions

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