About us

Humanity Coffee  service deliver and support our  business customers around New Zealand with office coffee machines and consumables .

 Machines are selected based on site size ,budgets ,capacity and individual preferences to insure  you have the  best  machine for your location.
Our espresso  fresh bean  office coffee machines are  examples of precision engineering.Combining the latest in power saving functions, led lighting recyclable materials  and innovative control systems.To put it simply they work and work very well  because we know that call outs are expensive inconvenient and time consuming .Really time is the most precious commodity of all.So we  insure you enjoying our award winning fresh bean blend extracted to give you the perfect coffee without any unnecessary hassle.

Office coffee solutions

We are proud to provide you with

  1. Extensive Range of Gourmet Bean Blends Roasted  Daily
  2. Easy To Clean and Maintain Using Our granulated or fresh milk
  3. Precision Engineered and Built by Italy’s Leading Manufacturer
  4. Affordable Finance Solutions for Every Customer
  5. Premium Consumables Specifically for Our Machines
  6. After Sales Support


Office coffee Technology  maybe purchased leased or rented  depending on your financial situation.

Great care is taken to insure our machines deliver to expectations and offer reliable dispensing and great tasting coffee selections week after week.

Espresso machines maybe setup to  dispense coffee to your taste preferences my adjusting density of grind, volume of water, volume of powder, coffee dispensing time ,coffee plunger pressure,.We can even pre-soak the  coffee puck for a few seconds to extract the maximum flavor .