Comparing Office Coffee Machine Models

 Office Coffee Machine comparison

Instant Office Coffee Machines

As the name suggests instant coffee machines combine instant or free dried coffee in powder or granulated form  with hot water Granulated milk or powdered milk powder vending chocolate and hot water .


  • Fast vending time  12 sec
  • No waste
  • small foot print
  • easy to move a good mobile coffee  machine solution
  • No refrigeration required for consumables
  • Very economic cost per cup of coffee approx. 10-15 cents


  • Perhaps not for the coffee purist with a taste profile a little distant  from the natural bean flavour

Fresh Bean Granulated Milk office coffee machines

The fresh bean granulated full automatic  coffee machines  grind fresh roasted bean at the press of button. Extracting full espresso flavours as the ground coffee is compressed pre soaked and delivered under pressure to the cup .Granulated milk is then mixed at selected programmed speed i.e slow for low foam  flat white or fast for frothy cappuccino .Rich full flavoured chocolate blends maybe added to produce a delicious moccacino or creamy hot chocolate


  • Very close to a barista style coffee
  • Freshly ground beans release maximum full rich flavour
  • Delivers excellent crema
  • Push button cleaning of mixers and Brew group
  • Coffee pucks collected internally
  • Little storage required of consumables with long shelf life
  • Excellent mixing qualities of granulated milk designed for Fresh bean coffee machines


  •  Cleaning of puck bin required every 50-70 coffees

Fresh Bean Fresh milk office  coffee machines

Fresh bean fresh milk office coffee machines mix freshly  ground  roasted beans  extracted  to produce  hot coffee crema  with steamed hot milk siphoned from a nearby milk fridge  flask or milk bottle.


  • Closest to the taste profile of a barista style coffee
  •  Coffee selections Delivered  at the press of a button


  •  Thorough cleaning of milk lines and frother unit required to insure key parts are kept bacteria free
  • Sufficient Storage capacity  of fresh milk  on site
  • Two deliveries of fresh milk usually required weekly compared to monthly delivery of granulated milk product