Lirika Home office fresh milk coffee machine

The perfect compact fresh milk coffee machine solution for home or workplace. Simple to use and easy to clean.
Ideal for home or offices where space is limited but quality is appreciated .

One Touch Cappuccino” is Saeco’s exclusive system for brewing a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato, in the best Italian tradition.An innovative system, mounted only on the Lirika OTC version creates a delightful foam, collecting milk directly from its pack or fridge, as required in B2B applications.In this way, the “One Touch Cappuccino” system delivers creamy cappuccinos or latte macchiato directly in your cup. In addition, Lirika OTC has a “Mini-Clean” function: after every milk delivery, the system asks whether to activate the self-cleaning procedure with about 20 cc of hot water.


500 gr coffee beans
2.5 l water
15 coffee grounds
0.5 l drip tray

Dimensions (w x h x d) 215 x 370 x 429 mm
Weight 8 kg

One-Touch cappuccino
2 coffee cups simultaneously
Hot water dispenser (no steam)
Single circuit
Ceramic blades