NW Certified quality

N&W: ours are first quality products. Guaranteed and certified.

The achievement of ISO 9001:2008 certification states N&W commitment to the implementation of processes that ensure top quality standards and continuous improvement, through the efforts to satisfy the needs and suggestions of our Customer.

For over 15 years N&W has been a company with a Quality System in compliance with the standard ISO 9001 for the design and manufacturing of electronic and electromechanical vending machines, Ho.Re.Ca. machines and OCS machines.

What is the quality certification?

It’s the reference point for the evaluation and certification of conformity of the N&W Quality Management System, retaining therefore, the form of a contract.

N&W cares for the safety of consumers through an attentive check of products before they are placed on the market and through a constant monitoring of the production process. According to this, our products are certified to IMQ standards: the Italian Quality Trademark Institute verifies the compliance of our equipment with the European regulations, thus ensuring safety and reliability of all N&W products. IMQ, stands for Italian Institute of Quality Mark, is defined by more than 50 years as a third party, independent and authoritative body.

The IMQ mark is a voluntary mark issued by a third party, i.e. the IMQ, to manufacturers who subject their products to a rigorous examination to compliance with the European standards and with the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) standards; the compliance ensures that the product is manufactured with best practices. This mark is not mandatory for the manufacturer, unlike the CE marking, and it is subject to controls even after the marked products are on the market, in order to verify a continued compliance with the standards.
IMQ mark is recognized also outside Italy, like other national brands similar to IMQ.

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A superior service for our customer

The certification standard specifies the features that Quality Management System must have to supply products in compliance with customer and applicable regulatory requirements and to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer’s need has become one of our driving forces. N&W continuous researches and innovations have the aim to supply the right solution and the best service to the Customer.

N&W is close to the customer with ideas and products but also with an excellent pre- and post- sales assistance. Professional commercial support, an assistance and training plan, financial solutions and an efficient spare parts service form the complete “package” integrated by N&W with the highest levels of serious professionalism and reliability.