Water quality Problems and solutions

                Problems                                 Solutions

Water dirty or cloudy due to grit or sediment particles.Multimedia sandfilter, in line strainer or washable pleated cartridge filter.
Hard water causing scale build up on water heating elements and kettles. Difficulty getting soap to lather.Water softener.
Low pH and soft acidic water causing green/blue staining on whiteware. Corrosion of copper hot water cylinders and plumbing. Metallic taste.pH correcting neutralising filters.
Taste and odour or chlorine.Activated carbon water filters/purifiers.
Bacterial or viral contamination, faecal coliform count.Ultra-violet disinfection.
Giardia or Cryptosporidium cyst contamination.One micron filtration.
Taste and odour problems in water storage tanks. Bacterial build up in tanks or pipe work.Hydro Pure.
Red/brown or yellow staining, metallic taste or rusty deposits due to the presence of iron and ManganeseIron removal system ie. Greensand,
filter, DMI-65 filters.
Sprays, pesticides or chemicalsActivated carbon water filters/purifiers.
Heavy metals, aluminium, boron or salty water.Reverse osmosis or distillation.
Nitrates, nitrites or ammonia.Nitrate removal cartridge filter.
Iron and manganese oxide and slime build up on bore screens, pumps and pipe work.BoreSaver Ultra C.