Why install a Humanity Fresh Water cooler

Why Humanity Fresh ?

The health benefits of keeping your body hydrated have long been acknowledged and according to the New Zealand Ministry of Health ‘Food and Nutrition Guidelines’, the average man requires 3000ml of water per day whilst the average woman needs 2,200 ml (gained through food and water intake.) While we know drinking water is good for us, how do we know that the supply we drink is clean, pure and healthy?

Water has a long and perilous journey from the reservoir to your business and the water that comes out of your tap can be highly contaminated with additives including:

  • Chlorine – added to disinfect the water in transit
  • Chemicals – added to kill ‘bugs’ and/or from reservoir pollution
  •  Insecticides/pesticides – from farm run-off into the reservoir
  • Asbestos fibres – from old fibre cement pipes
  • Giardia/cryptosporidium – both cysts that can resist chemicals
  • Heavy metals  you may have noticed discoloured water when water services flush pipes during replacement of pipe

Humanity Fresh water coolers filter out all the contaminants, purify the water and provide a healthy, convenient and cost effective water supply to help keep your staff fit and well.